Are Witnesses Important in Personal Injury Cases?

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Greenville personal injury cases can arise from car and truck accidents, slip and falls, pedestrian accidents, boating accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and many others. In all of these types of cases, witness testimony often becomes very important. 

There are two types of witnesses who may testify at court in a Greenville personal injury case:  lay witnesses and expert witnesses. In personal injury cases, lay witnesses are usually eyewitnesses to the occurrence, or to the events leading up to an occurrence. These witnesses may testify about matters which do not require any specialized knowledge or expertise, such as the approximate speeds of vehicles just prior to a car collision. 

On the other hand, expert witnesses generally have specialized knowledge and experience that can be used to your benefit when testifying in court. For example, a medical expert in your case could state, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, that your injuries are causally related to your accident and that your medical bills are reasonable and appropriate. 

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Personal Injury FAQ

What Are Some Examples of Lay Witnesses?

Potential lay witnesses or fact witnesses in a personal injury case include eyewitnesses to the incident, along with family members, close friends, or co-workers who know what you went through following your accident.

What Are Some Examples of Expert Witnesses?

Potential expert witnesses include treating medical providers, chiropractors, and accident reconstructionists.

How Can a Witness Help at Trial?

Witnesses at trial can assist you with meeting your burden of proof and establishing that someone else caused your accident and that you are entitled to recover damages.

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