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Do you need a bus accident lawyer? Our Greenville bus accident lawyers represent victims and we are here to assist you. We provide aggressive representation, and we are prepared to handle your needs. Our Greenville lawyers represent individuals in claiming financial compensation when they suffer physical injuries as the result of a bus accident.

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What is a bus accident lawyer?

A bus accident lawyer represents an injured victim in claiming financial compensation after a bus accident. The lawyer is trained and licensed to pursue the interests of their client in the legal system. They analyze the legal issues and act on their client’s behalf throughout the case.

What is a bus accident legal claim?

A bus accident legal claim is the way to get monetary compensation when you’re hurt in a bus crash. It demands that the responsible party pay the victim for the ways that the accident has hurt them. The bus accident legal claim resolves the dispute about who is liable and what the victim deserves in compensation. Damages may include medical treatment, lost income, mental health injuries, pain and suffering and more.

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Types of Bus Accident Claims

Buses serve a variety of purposes on our roads. Too often, those responsible for bus operation and maintenance forget that they are driving large vehicles that can cause harm. The results may be catastrophic. Many types of buses may be involved in a crash:

  • Greenlink Transit, Greenville public transportation service
  • School buses
  • Tour buses
  • Charter buses; private coaches for hire
  • Greyhound, other private buses
  • Shuttle buses; hotel buses
  • Church and charity organization vehicles

Any kind of bus may cause significant harm in a crash. Speed, distraction and driver negligence are all common problems that may lead to a crash. Commercial operators may feel pressure to operate in poor weather conditions. If you are the victim of a bus accident, you may deserve financial compensation.

How can a bus accident lawyer help?

The legal system is complex. For a person in an accident, it can seem impossible to know what to do while they are recovering from physical injuries and dealing with the shock of it all. A bus accident lawyer is a trained professional who acts on the behalf of their client in the financial claims process.

A bus accident lawyer provides a range of services to help their client achieve a positive result for their case. They may assist with:

  • Determining who may be responsible to pay, including complex questions of defective vehicle maintenance, employee hiring and retention and questions of comparative fault
  • Drafting and filing legal documents
  • Evaluating how to make the legal process easier
  • Understanding and managing complex issues that may be present in bus accident claims
  • Making the legal claim complete including all types of damages including pain and suffering
  • Gathering the evidence needed to make the claim successful
  • Attending court hearings, arguing to the court
  • Negotiating with the other party for a settlement
  • Explaining the law to you and guiding you through major decisions in the case

The goal of our bus accident lawyers is to do everything necessary to pursue your case in the best possible way. Of course, your case is unique. You are like no one else, and your case is like no one else. Our lawyers know how to look at the big picture and the little details that make the difference. A bus accident lawyer is your guide to make the most of your legal claim.

Can you claim if your bus crashes?

If your bus crashes, you can sue the party who is responsible for causing the crash. Standards of reasonable care apply to everyone involved – the bus driver, the bus company, drivers in other vehicles – just to name a few. The party or parties that caused the bus to crash by acting without reasonable care may be responsible for the claim.

Bus operators must be aware of the large size of their vehicles and the number of individuals that embark and disembark a bus. Often, operators are responsible because of a traffic violation, but a traffic violation doesn’t necessarily have to occur for there to be legal liability.

Who can bring a bus accident claim?

The victim in a bus accident claim may be any person who is

  • Riding on the bus
  • Crossing the street
  • Walking or standing on the street or sidewalk
  • Boarding or exiting the bus
  • In another vehicle

What are some of the grounds for liability for a bus accident?

Examples of liability for a bus accident include:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to train the driver properly
  • Hiring an unqualified driver or retaining them after signs of problems
  • Failing to observe traffic signals
  • Not following protocol for safe stopping, loading and unloading
  • Dangerous bus design
  • Driving carelessly or recklessly
  • Failing to maintain the bus in safe working condition
  • Texting while driving
  • Requiring the driver to work too many hours without rest
  • Lane change violations, following too closely

A bus accident happens in seconds. Of course, those responsible are not going to admit what happened. There may be multiple causes of an accident, and the underly issues may not be obvious. Our bus accident lawyers investigate the cause and the legal liability of each party involved in the accident.

Bus Accident Claim FAQs

What happens if a bus hits you?

If a bus hits you, seek medical attention immediately, and call the police. You may seek compensation for your damages by bringing a bus accident claim.

Can I bring a bus accident claim if the driver gets a traffic ticket?

A bus accident claim doesn’t depend on whether the driver get a traffic ticket from law enforcement. The two types of proceedings serve different purposes, and the standards are different. A traffic ticket may be strong evidence of legal liability, but it’s not the deciding factor. Our lawyers can help you understand the differences and how a traffic ticket may influence your claim for compensation.

How much time do I have to bring a bus accident claim?

Usually, a victim has three years to bring a bus accident lawsuit in South Carolina. If the accident results in death, the three-year time limit starts from the date of death. However, the time limit may be much shorter when the claim is against a government agency.

What is the time limit for a bus accident claim against the government in South Carolina?

When it comes to bus accident claims, government agencies are often involved. If that’s the case, a one-year time limit may apply. After that, the government has 180 days to decide the claim.

In addition to a shorter, one-year time limit, there are differences in the process to bring a bus accident claim against a government agency. The victim must submit a verified claim for damages to the agency involved. A lawyer may represent you throughout the process.

(Sources: S.C. Code § 15-78-10 et. all; S.C. Code § 15-3-530)

If you’ve been hurt in a bus accident, don’t wait to contact us! If you miss the deadline, your claim may be dismissed. Our lawyers can work quickly to evaluate time deadlines and begin your case.

What is a bus accident claim worth?

South Carolina law allows you to claim compensation for the losses that you have in a bus accident. If you think about it, the accident has impacted you in a lot of ways. Medical bills and lost income may be included, but not all damages are financial. Don’t overlook compensation like pain and suffering, bodily disfigurement and emotional anguish. Our lawyers can give you a personalized evaluation of what your claim may be worth.

What injuries do I need to have a bus accident claim?

Even a bus accident at low speeds may cause significant injuries. If you have received medical care for your injuries, it’s worth talking to us to learn more about a bus accident claim. When there are physical injuries, or when it isn’t clear who is at fault, it’s worth having a lawyer evaluate. If you’re not sure, come talk to our lawyers for a personalized consultation.

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