How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

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One of the first things a new client may ask us is whether they have a strong personal injury case. Right after that, they will ask the question about how much they can expect in damages. This is not a question that a lawyer can initially answer with exact certainty. We would need some time to learn about your own situation before we can give you an answer. Damages depend on how you have been impacted personally. 

How Personal Injury Damages Work

After a personal injury, you must be put in the same position you were in before the accident occurred. While you cannot go back to what you were before the accident, it does mean that a jury (or an insurance company) will look at your pre-accident life as the starting point for compensation. Here are some of the elements of personal injury compensation:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death damages (if a loved one was killed)

You can be paid for these damages for what happened in the past and what will occur in the future. 

Not every accident injury is worth the same for every individual. For instance, if you are an office worker who suffers a broken leg in a car accident, there is a chance that you can do some work while your injury heals. However, if your job is physical, you may be completely unable to earn any money while you rehabilitate and heal. 

Your Claim’s Value Can Depend on Your Negotiation

In addition, the value of your case can depend on how aggressive you are about negotiating with an insurance company. Lawyers can handle your case differently, and there isn’t a definite strategy to maximize the value of your claim. Some plaintiffs could take an earlier settlement offer that may not pay them the full value of their claim. This might be because they do not know the full value of their claim, or because they feel better with quicker access to settlement funds. 

Other claimants could take a harder line in negotiating with the insurance company. This may take longer, and there is no guarantee that you will get the amount that you are seeking. However, you will not receive what you do not ask for in a personal injury case. 

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What Happens if the Insurance Company Will Not Pay Me What I Deserve?

You can file a lawsuit against a defendant, and the jury can hear the case.

How Do I Know How Much My Claim Is Worth?

A personal injury attorney can review your case and come up with an approximate value.

Can I Afford to Hire an Attorney?

Yes. Hiring a lawyer will not cost you money out of your pocket. 

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