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When you need a Greenville personal injury lawyer, contact us at Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC. We will be outworked by no one. If you’re hurt because of the actions of others, we want to relieve you of the stress of your injuries and help you get your life back into focus.

Our lawyers handle a range of personal injury claims, representing individuals and their families. Contact Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC at (864) 514-8083 for a consultation about your claim.

What is a personal injury claim?

Thousands of people get hurt in accidents each year in South Carolina. Sadly, many of these accidents don’t need to happen. Accidents that are the result of negligent or intentional actions of another party may be the basis for financial compensation. In other words, if the accident is someone else’s fault, you should be paid fairly for your losses.

A personal injury claim is the process of bringing your claim for compensation. The other side isn’t going to offer to pay fair compensation – you must bring a claim and prove your right to a payment. The process formally determines your right to receive a monetary payment and the amount that you deserve. Our lawyers can represent you in bringing your personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Examples

Some examples of personal injury claims we handle are:

  • Car accidents: Car accidents are a type of personal injury claim. South Carolina uses a fault system to determine liability. Non-economic damages may be claimed. Don’t undervalue your claim! Let our personal injury lawyers determine what your car accident claim may be worth.
  • Truck crashes: Truck accidents frequently produce devastating injuries. A company that employs a driver may be liable to pay if the truck driver is responsible for a crash. Our lawyers can investigate underlying causes like improper training, poor monitoring of employees, improper load balance and truck malfunction.
  • Bus accidents: A bus accident victim may be an occupant of the bus, a pedestrian or in another vehicle.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Because of the small size of a motorcycle, motorcycle accidents can be devastating to victims. A motorcyclist has the same rights as others on the roads. Other vehicle drivers must use the appropriate care and caution where motorcyclists may be present.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian injuries: A motor vehicle driver may injure a bicyclist or pedestrian by driving too close to the shoulder, failing to stop for a crosswalk and disobeying traffic signals. These examples of negligence may be the basis for a personal injury claim.
  • Defective and malfunctioning products: The products that we buy and rely on may cause devastating injuries. A product may be inherently dangerous because of the way it is designed. It may also have a manufacturing defect that causes a malfunction. South Carolina law allows the victim to hold the manufacturer responsible when a product they made and sold causes harm.
  • Medical malpractice: Medical malpractice is negligence in a professional, medical setting. All healthcare professionals are legally obligated to live up to prevailing professional standards. Errors, omissions and mistakes can be the basis for a personal injury claim.
  • Birth injury: When an injury occurs during childbirth, the effects can impact the child for a lifetime. A mother can also suffer significant injuries. When a birth injury could have been prevented were it not for the negligence of healthcare providers, victims may have a claim.
  • Animal attacks: Animal attacks can cause serious injuries. When you are bitten by a dog or another animal, those responsible for the animal may owe you compensation.
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect: Nursing home residents are too often victims of abuse and neglect. When a resident is injured because they do not receive the basic care and medical attention that they need, care providers may be legally liable.
  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi accidents: Our lawyers can assist you through the claims process if you are injured in an accident involving an Uber, Lyft or taxi.
  • Wrongful death: When a personal injury accident results in the wrongful death of a family member, survivors may claim compensation through a specialized personal injury claim.

A victim may claim compensation based on their actual losses. Of course, you suffer in ways that are physical, financial and emotional. South Carolina law acknowledges the many types of losses that you have. Getting a fair result for your claim means knowing what losses can be included and taking the required steps to receive compensation for them. Our lawyers assist you through all steps of the case.

How do I get a personal injury payout?

To get a personal injury payout, you must act. Our lawyers offer full-service representation. We can represent you throughout your case including:

  • Investigating to determine legal liability
  • Naming the right parties in your claim
  • Searching for insurance policies that may make a payout
  • Evaluating the legal causes of action and drafting legal documents
  • Determining how to address questions of shared fault or causation of damages
  • Understanding what your claim may be worth
  • Gathering evidence to prove legal fault, causation of damages and the amount you deserve
  • Negotiating the appropriate result or conducting a trial representing you
  • Being your representative at court appearances
  • Drafting your judgment and other important legal documents

There are many steps involved in getting a personal injury payout. Our lawyers do a wide range of tasks on your behalf – we investigate, evaluate, draft legal documents, speak on your behalf and counsel you throughout the proceedings. We are experienced litigators with the resources to capably handle all these important tasks.

What are my chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit?

To win a personal injury lawsuit, you must prove the following:

  • The other party owed others a duty of reasonable care
  • They breached their duty of care
  • An accident occurred
  • You suffered injuries in the accident
  • You have damages

Each element of the case must be proven. Economic damages may include medical bills, lost income and the cost of household services. Pain and suffering may be claimed.

As your lawyers, it is our goal to give you the best chances of winning your personal injury lawsuit. That requires diligently building your case and working relentlessly through the legal process. The best way to know your chances of winning your case is to meet with our personal injury lawyers for a consultation. We’ll explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Plus, we’ll talk about what we can do to build a strong claim and pursue justice.

How can I talk to a personal injury lawyer?

To talk to a personal injury lawyer, call us at (864) 514-8083. You can also send a message online. We’re happy to learn about your case and provide a consultation that is specific to your circumstances. Let us explain the legal process and how our lawyers can help you achieve your goals. There’s no obligation, and you have nothing to lose.

What is the timeline for a personal injury lawsuit?

The typical timeline for a personal injury lawsuit is within three years of the date of the injury. That is, you must have taken the first step to formally file the case before three years has passed. However, you should never wait that long. It may be critical to make a report to an insurance company right away.

There are some things that may make the personal injury lawsuit deadline longer or shorter. Don’t be fooled if the insurance company tries to stall your case. You must file formal legal paperwork by the end of the time deadline.

Once you comply with the timeline to file your case, the length of time until you receive compensation may vary. Depending on the claim’s complexity, it can take time to fully investigate damages. We may need to take great care to gather medical documentation and proof of loss. It may take time to respond to legal issues. However, the more diligently and thoroughly we work through your case, the sooner you can resolve your lawsuit and receive compensation.

The timeline for a personal injury lawsuit is an important consideration. We aim to move through your case efficiently as our personal injury lawyers pursue justice for you.

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